Tourmalinated Quartz Generator #6

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This generator weighs 98g and measures 10.5x2.5cms.

Tourmalinated Quartz combines the attributes of both black tourmaline and clear quartz, two individually powerful stones that when together work magic!

This generator is prepared to do the heavy-duty lifting and sifting to get you to return and restore your energy fields to a pure state of positivity and possibility. Use this generator for the ultimate psychic clearing, purification, and protection.

Tourmalinated quartz is a beautiful stone that illustrates balance and healthy boundaries. Clear quartz is the stone of magnification and is known to amplify the energies of what’s around it. The presence of black tourmaline cleanses and grounds any negativity and as a result, the clear quartz amplifies the clearing capabilities of tourmaline, creating a beautiful exchange of energy and balance.

Tourmalinated quartz is one of the most essential tools for dispelling negative energy. It facilitates clearer thinking and is an ally for anyone who has delved into negative behaviors such as substance or alcohol abuse.