Red Flame Aura Quartz Tumbles

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This listing is for 1 tumble stone.

A stone will be intuitively chosen for you based on your size selection.

These Red Aura Quartz tumbles are simply magical!

Red Aura Quartz is natural Clear Quartz bonded with silver, gold, and platinum. It is usually associated with the Third Eye and Root Chakras. It is protective against aggression and violence. It is used for spiritual uplifting and helps to bring passion and vitality. Bringing energy, excitement and a motivation for life. It is said to be good at alleviating sadness and depression bringing colour back into ones interpretation of life.

All of the Aura bonded crystals are used to activate the Third Eye bringing expansion to all psychic activities including clairvoyance and telepathy, and are said to be a great crystal for assisting with astral journeys and out of body experiences, helping the spirit travel through hidden dimensions and activating and stimulating all the Chakras.