Palo Santo Smudge Stick

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What is smudging?

Smudging is a Native American ritual using dried herbs such as White Sage to cleanse emotional and spiritual negativity that has attached itself to you over time.

Burning a smudge stick can also help you turn your space and body into a peaceful, beautiful temple in which you can rejuvenate and relax.

Why are our Smudge Sticks the best?

  • Organically grown without artificial sprays or fertilisers
  • Sustainably farmed and packaged
  • Picked fresh
  • Vegan (traditionally smudge sticks were tied with horse hair, we chose cruelty free so have sourced products that align with this)

Mystical Palo Santo purifies and heals, not only clearing away negative energies but also encouraging good energy into the space, body and consciousness.

It has the effect of being physically grounding and lifting the vibration of the energy field, opening the third eye and crown chakra, making it perfect for ritual cleansing, meditation, creativity and connection to the Source.

This Palo Santo was ethically sourced and harvested only from fallen trees that died of natural causes, with reverence to the spirit of the tree.

(10 sticks = approx 60 grams)

Happy Smudging!

Create for yourself a magical day!

*** Each smudge stick includes an information and instruction leaflet ***