Fuschite Chunk - A
Fuschite Chunk - A

Fuschite Chunk - A

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This piece weighs 474g and measures approximately 9.5 x 9cm.

Fuschite has an amazing sparkle. It is a stone of renewal and rejuvenation. 

When you feel like you’re stuck where you are and nothing significant is happening with your life, It will give you a fresh new perspective on life, and it will make you appreciate all the good things you have going for you. Fuchsite will provide healing and cleansing of thoughts and emotions that are no longer healthy for you will be eliminated from your system.

It is known as the stone of health, or the Healer’s Stone. It has plenty of healing properties that will help you achieve good physical health or recover from whatever is ailing you.

It will help improve your recuperative abilities and act as a natural pain reliever to some conditions. It will boost the immune system. It’s known to treat migraine headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, and vertigo, too.

It can also alleviate the pains associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle flexibility, and spinal alignment. It can help in the treatment of insomnia, and it can soothe inflammation. It can remove harmful and toxic substances from the body, and is quite effective in treating sunburns, rashes, itching, and other forms of allergies.

Chakra: Heart

Please note:

Although stones have been used to treat the body, mind, and spirit, stone healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine. The most important thing to keep in mind when beginning to use stones for healing purposes is that a stone’s healing power is relatively inert until you intentionally direct its energy. It is not the stone that possesses healing energy; it is your intent to heal by way of the stone. This information is purely metaphysical and is by no means medical. Stone Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a greater holistic healing approach. Please acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

All crystals are handpicked for their energy and quality. Items are stored and handled in a positive environment. Crystals have been cleansed before use. 

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