Distance Chakra Balance Session - 60 Minutes

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The Chakras are the energy centres running down the mid-line of the body. They are described as  beautifully coloured, spinning  wheels of energy. The Chakra system is a reflection of balance and energy flow throughout our bodies.

We have 7 main Chakras that mirror emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. Each Chakra is connected to a feeling or an emotion and effects physical health when it is blocked, or weak  for to long. When stagnant energy exists in the energy centres of the body it can give a feeling of being stuck or can even manifest as  illness.

This Chakra Balance Session is offered to assist with assessing your Chakras, Clearing them of negative energy and Recharging each one - Bringing healing and balance to the recipient. I also complete each session by placing a protective shield of positive energy around you. All of this done by distance healing.

Energy is everywhere. It is timeless and has no physical boundaries which includes distance. Healing can be provided over any distance. As a recipient you may or may not be aware that your healing session has taken place. Sometimes sensitive people may feel a tingle or feel relaxed as the session occurs. Others may notice improvements slowly over time.

I am a healer and a certified crystal healer (CCH) and am practised in the use of pendulums, wands and crystals and the energy they hold. I am able to connect to their energy, and send it your way in the form of prayers, blessings and positive energy.

When you order I will need from you:
* Your name and date of birth.

Please leave this information in the notes screen at checkout. I will contact you via email to request a recent photograph of you to go with your healing if possible, and any other information if needed.

Once you order, I will set up my Chakra Balance Session at an available time. This consists of crystals, candles, herbs, and oils. I will add your details and focus the energy on you. I will send an Email to let you know when I am beginning your session, and a PDF report - including my findings - to confirm the session has been completed.

Keep in mind that this is a full Chakra Balance Session. It is not a reading. For general healing sessions or pendulum readings, please see my other listings or contact me for more information.

I cannot guarantee the time of your session due to my work and home commitments. I will endeavour to complete your session within 48 hours of purchase.

What you'll receive:
*An Email at the beginning of your session.
*A PDF report stating my findings. This will be delivered via Email after your session has been completed.
*Please note this is a digital item only, you will not receive a physical copy via post.

Disclaimer: By booking a healing session you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 years. By law I am required to state readings and healings are for entertainment purposes only . Furthermore you acknowledge and understand that i reserve the right to request alternative questions or decline a reading/healing at any time when i do not feel it is in your best interests or suitable. I do not read on timescales, health, pregnancy, finances or legal matters and for anything of this nature please see a professional. Please remember that no Psychic/Healer is 100% accurate. You have Free Will and hold the power to make your own decisions and change your path and outcome at any time. Readings and Healing Sessions are personalised items and no refunds or returns are permitted.