Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - Rose Quartz

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Feel good inside and out with our new Elixir Water Bottles!

How do they work?
Crystals emit energy, so by keeping your crystals together with your water, the energy is transferred and your water is charged with good vibes!

This style uses the indirect charging method which means the crystals DO NOT touch the water. They are in a separate glass chamber. This means it’s safe for ALL types of crystals - some crystals are toxic if ingested so we feel this style means safe, and worry free, PLUS you can switch out the crystals and add whatever you like into the chamber 💖

* Glass bottle, stainless lid and base
* Holds 375ml of water
* Comes boxed with information sheet

We DO NOT recommend adding crystals directly into your drinking water.

For information on toxic crystals, please follow the link: