Happy Plant Crystal Pack

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We bring you our beautiful Happy Plant Crystal Pack :D

Crystals and plants are 2 of our favourite things! They both lead to a happier and healthier space. 

Crystals were created in the earth over time, so why not use them were they originated from! We know that crystals have healing powers that can heal our minds and bodies so by purposely placing them around your plants or garden, they can also lead to healthier, happier, and more productive plants, as well as bringing the good vibes into your space - win win <3

In this pack you will receive the following items:

1 x Rose Quartz Raw Chunk
1 x Green Calcite Raw Piece
1 x Handful of Moss Agate Tumbled Chips
1 x Green Aventurine Tumble
1 x Rainbow Moonstone Tumble
1 x Black Obsidian Tumble
1 x Clear Quartz Tumble

Why have we chosen these specific crystals for our happy plants? 

Rose Quartz
Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz sends loving energy to your plants as a method of support.

Green Calcite
Is able to bring about calm, which means that you can put some in a container and place it in any area of your garden or space where you believe there is a lack of calm. It will help your plants flourish and feel less stressed. 

Moss Agate
Is a stabilising stone that is strongly connected to nature. A stone of new beginnings, moss agate helps your plants to get a secure start and boosts growth. It also helps with abundance and attracting abundance.

Green Aventurine
A classic stone of abundance and fertility, it is also known as a stone of new growth. This stone can help your plants grow strong and it is extremely helpful to the soil. 

Rainbow Moonstone
This crystal symbolises fertility and it’s an ideal stone to put in your garden. It will lead to new growth, and soothing energy.

Black Obsidian
Protective and purifying.

Clear Quartz
The Master. Energising and balancing, placing quartz near your plants will help keep the plant’s aura clear and energised. Another benefit, place a piece of clear quartz with your other garden crystals to boost their energy. 

How to use your crystals?
Simply sprinkle them around your plants. You can place them all together or spread them throughout your pots. You can also place them in the roots of your plants, returning them to the Earth when you are potting them - But we prefer to keep them on top so we can see how pretty they are! 

Please note: As each and every crystals is different, you will receive crystals of similar colour, size and quality shown in the pictures.